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A Simple Guide to Finding a Job as a Veteran

Serving for your country is a great honor, but many veterans find themselves in a bind once they return to civilian life in terms of finding a job with unemployment being a major issue.

In fact, there were 581,000 unemployed veterans in 2020 with 54% of these being 25-54-year-olds. This can make life difficult for veterans and it is frustrating when serving develops many employable skills and a stronger work ethic than most.

Despite the skills and work ethic that serving develops, veterans can struggle to get their foot in the door as a result of a lack of experience. This is known as entry-level Catch-22, so how can you find jobs for veterans?

Target an Area

One of the biggest mistakes that veterans make when looking for employment after military service is casting too large a net. When learning how to choose a career path, you need to think about what work you would enjoy and what skills you have.

A scattergun approach rarely works and instead, you should target specific roles based on your strengths and interests. Veterans have many transferable skills that could allow them to find work in many industries. A few key skills include:

  • Leadership
  • Ability to take direction
  • Teamwork
  • Organizational
  • Time-management
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Accountability

These skills can take you far in many different industries whether you want to work in a corporate setting, healthcare, law enforcement, or education just to name a few possibilities. Once you have determined an area, you can then research how to crack into this industry.

Use Veteran Job Boards

You will find that many employers prefer to hire veterans and you can find these companies by searching for veteran job boards.

These companies will want to support those that have served their country, plus they will be aware of the attitude and skill set that veterans have, so they are a good place to search if you are looking for the best veteran jobs.

You should not limit yourself to these job boards, though, as you will find plenty more on regular job boards (these are likely to be more competitive).

Take a Business Degree

If you have plans to excel in the corporate world and embark on a rewarding and lucrative career, you should seriously consider a veteran’s business degree.

A business degree will develop the key skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the professional world and bolster your resume to make up for a lack of experience.

As established, veterans already possess many of the key skills required for business success, so you often have a head start over others and find the degree easier.

There are many career paths that a business degree could take you down, although many end up going on to start their own business.

Practice Interviews

There are many challenging aspects to finding a job, but often it is the interview that veterans struggle with, as they may not have much experience. Job interviews are unique and it can take a few to learn how they work and to develop your skills.

Fortunately, you can develop these skills with practice and research online. Additionally, always ask for feedback if you do not get the job, it can be hard to take, but this will be the best way to improve.

Finding a Job That Suits You

Finding a job can be tough, but veterans do possess many desirable skills and characteristics. Hopefully, these tips will give you the inspiration to find the best veteran jobs for your skillset and set you on a rewarding career path.

Be sure to check out or other content on career advice to land the perfect job and to settle into civilian life.

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