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Apply in Person – AKA Hit the Pavement

They say nothing beats a first impression and when it comes to finding a job, this statement really hits home. You can actually have a first impression before you make a first impression in an interview if you go about using a method that has been around for many years known fondly as ‘hitting the pavement.’

When you hit the pavement you take to the streets and go to a bunch of different places where you might like to work and ‘apply’ in person. Now, this doesn’t mean that you will necessarily fill out an application, but you will take your resume with you and ask to speak with a manager in order to hand over your resume in person.

This will let the potential employer know two things about you. First it shows that you are in fact looking for a job and second it will tell that potential employer that you are serious about finding a job, which will be evident with you out hitting the streets and not simply faxing in your resume.

In order to perform this method in the proper manner, you do need to be sure that you address yourself before you hit the pavement. Always dress to impress and be sure you are groomed properly. This method is after all a way to make a first impression and you don’t want that first impression to be a bad one. If all goes well, the potential employer will get a good first impression and instantly look over your resume.

This method will likely produce for you a number of interviews and you may even find that you have to interview right on the spot. You should therefore be ready and willing to answer any and all questions that a potential employer might have for you as your first impression, may be the only impression they need in order to give you a shot at a job.

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