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Applying For Jobs: Why Do I Never Get A Reply?

undelete-146276_1280It’s incredibly demoralising to spend hours on an application, only to find that you don’t even get a reply. Why does this happen? There are numerous reasons, related to both a lack of time and a poor application on your part. We’ll pick out a few things that you’ll need to focus on going forward.

  1. Following Up

One of the things that you should always do in any situation is to follow up. Sometimes, applications can get lost in inboxes very easily. Although you might think it, it isn’t rude to follow up with a polite and non-pushy email. You’ll want to wait a few days before you do this, of course. Don’t go overboard with the emails, and don’t get defensive if you don’t like the answer. Following up in the right way might just get you the interview you want.

  2.You Didn’t Stand Out

Think about this from an employer’s point of view. They’re hiring for a job, and they’ll probably get hundreds of applications. Why are you the one that should get the job? If you’ve got no experience, you need to provide them with a reason to choose you. Let’s say you’re going for a photography position. Have you done freelance work in the past? Have you taken a photography course? Or, are you still waiting for someone to give you an opportunity? If it’s the latter, you’re not doing enough to get ahead.

  3. Grammatical Errors

Depending on the job you’re applying for, a small number of grammatical errors might or might not matter. Make no mistake, though, if your application is littered with them, you won’t be considered. Employers expect you to take the time to proofread your application. If you won’t even do that, why would they expect you to take care in the role? I’ve seen employers who have ditched applications with just one grammatical error present. Don’t get complacent with this.

  4. Too Much Information

Employers don’t have the time to respond to everyone in many cases, hence why you aren’t getting a reply. So, because they’re so low on time, they need get through these resumes and applications quickly. If you’re offering page after page of information, you’re doing too much. You need to learn how to be concise and to-the-point. Otherwise, the crucial info will get lost in a sea of text, and it might not even get read.

5. Not Following The Rules

This is another big reason why you never get a reply in many cases. Most jobs are advertised with an abundance of rules attached. You might be told to include certain information, or send it to a specific email account. Similarly, essentials for the role will be described, and they’ll expect you to have them. If you don’t follow all these rules to the letter, your application will probably end up in the bin. If you can’t follow basic instructions, the company will question your ability to do the job accurately.

Now, take our advice into account, and make sure you nail your next application!

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