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Beyond The Newspaper

Job section of newspaper

Job section of newspaperChecking the job ads in the newspaper has always been a so-so way of finding out about job openings and who is hiring. These days, more than ever, these types of ads represent a tiny fraction of the jobs available at any given time. Therefore, it is important for the job seeker to look beyond the newspaper and try some nontraditional routes of finding a job.

  • Use social networking, like Facebook, Myspace and Twitter to learn about who is hiring. Such sites make it easier than ever to reconnect with people you haven’t seen in a while. Make sure that everyone you know is aware of the fact that you are searching for a new job. You never know where that tip you have been waiting for will come from.
  • Read business journals and the business section of your local newspaper. If expansion or growth is mentioned for any company in your area, check out if they are hiring. The company’s website may be a great place to start, as many companies list openings there first. You may also wish to send a resume with a cover letter mentioning where you learned about the growth of the company.
  • Check online job banks and the websites of major employers in your area.
  • Call and talk with someone at the local Chamber of Commerce to see if they have any tips on who is looking to hire.

Remember in a tight economy fewer companies are hiring and more people are looking for work, therefore competition is unparalleled. Be vigilant in seeking out unique ways to get the inside scoop on job openings and put every advantage you can on your side.

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