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Embracing Personal Business Cards: How to Promote your Quest for Work

While the U.S. unemployment rate remained steady at 7.6% during June, the nation’s job market remains mired in uncertainty and conflicting data. Much of this concerns that the nature of new job opportunities in the U.S., as although the economy continues to establish opportunities many of these are considered to be temporary and incapable of delivering a living wage.

With this in mind, job seekers must be able to stand out from their contemporaries if they are to find work or secure genuinely rewarding positions of employment. While it generally accepted that a professional social media presence is a must in the modern age, however, a simple business card can also go a long way towards creating a good impression among potential employers.

Why a Personal Business Card Can Help to Drive your Job Search

While a single business card may seem like an innocuous tool in the quest for work, it can have numerous benefits when it comes to interacting with recruiters and employers. Consider the following:

Ÿ  Showcasing your Desire Work: When assessing candidates for work, employers tend to appraise your personal attributes and approach to sourcing employment opportunities. By presenting a unique and personally designed business card, you are showcasing your innate desire to work and willingness to invest money into presenting a professional visage. Even though creative templates and innovative card holders can be sourced relatively cheaply, the proactive step of purchasing and creating business cards will instantly distinguish you from the majority of your fellow candidates.

Ÿ  Sharing Vital Information with Employers: While social media is now considered as the most effective medium for sharing content and personal information, business cards provide a corporeal reminder of you as an individual candidate. When targeting jobs within a specific industry, the process of handing out business cards to potential employers will help to promote your cause and may even lead to you accessing additional opportunities for work. Business cards ensure that recruiters can keep your contact details at the touch of their fingertips, meaning that you are likely to be prominent in their minds as they fill vacancies.

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Ÿ  Creating a Positive and Memorable First Impression: It is estimated that employers form an initial impression of a candidate within 5-9 minutes of meeting them, based on their appearance, body language and communication skills. This gives you very little time to create a positive impact, and the use of a business card can afford you a critical advantage over your rivals. By introducing this at the beginning of a formal interview, you will resonate in a potential employers mind and establish a firm footing from which to interact. At the end of the process, this simple action can help you to stand out clearly from alternative candidates.

The Last Word for Job Seekers

While each individual job requires different levels of experience and academic expertise, employers are always keen to evaluate a candidates personal qualities in a competitive employment market. This helps them to distinguish candidates with a similar qualifications, and this is good news for job seekers who are proactive and able to stand out from the crowd. The deployment of a unique and personal business card can certainly help to create a positive impression on potential employers, while it also says a great deal about your desire and determination to work.

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