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Excellent Communicator? These Jobs Are For You

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presentCommunication skills are one of the most must-have skills you can possess, and it’s something that all employers look for. No matter what job you apply for, almost all of them will require communication of some kind. It could involve talking to customers, writing reviews or listening to instructions for instance. Even body language and facial expressions are a form of communicating your emotions and thoughts. It’s a skill that is increasingly in demand because the way we communicate is constantly evolving and improving. So if you consider yourself to be an excellent communicator, here are three jobs that could be the right fit for you.


All teachers need to be excellent communicators. Otherwise, their students will not gain the knowledge and understanding they require. Not only that, but your students will also be strongly influenced by the communication techniques you use. So there will be a significant amount of pressure on you. You’ll need to use your body language, listening skills and writing skills to get your point across continually. You’ll also have to keep up to date records, write emails to the schools administrators and write class reports. So if you think you are up to the challenge, start looking for advice on how to get into teaching today.


Distributors are people who promote and distribute a product for a particular business or brand. They can sell the product to other retailers or to customers directly. The products could be anything from dieting supplements to make up and will depend on the business they are working with. You will have to entice customer and retailers to buy the products online and face to face on a daily basis. You’ll also have to deal with customer complaints, talk to the manufacturers and network at events and trade shows to gain success. You may also have to have discussions on the phone and via email. So if you’re a good all round communicator, this career is bound to appeal. To find out more search for advocare become a distributor on Google.

Online content creator

If you prefer to write and research more than talk, an online content job will be perfect for you. Content creators create articles, product descriptions and posts for websites and blogs. These are used to capture consumers interest. It requires you to effectively analyse information and present it in an appealing and clear manner. You will have to communicate with your clients and colleagues to ask questions and to gain feedback. You may also have to present your work to business and bloggers to entice them  work with you. You will also need to connect with people who have knowledge and experience across a number of subject matters. This requires fantastic listening skills as well as being able to effectively communicate ideas. To find out more about becoming a content creator, visit the Skyword website.

If you are eager to improve your communication skills, go online and look for free online courses and guides. These will give you advice and ideas on how to become an effective communicator, no matter what career you aspire to.

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