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Finding a New Job While Currently Working

Finding a new job is always a challenge and this challenge can be even greater if you are currently working. While you never want to use company time to search for a new job, there are ways to effectively look for a job without having to quit your current job.

The first thing to do when you want to find a new job is to be sure that your resume is up to speed and assuming that it is you then need to distribute your resume. This can be done by posting your resume on many of the job search websites that exists today such as,, and just to name a few. These sites will allow you to post your resume for free and will even let you set up a profile. This allows interested employers to e-mail you if they want more information and this is something you can check in your spare time.

Another technique that you can use to get a new job without quitting the one you have is to use your network. This should start with you preparing a short and concise e–mail stating that you are in fact looking for a new job and what it is exactly that you wish to do. Then send this e-mail to everyone in your social network. While your friends may not have a job for you, they may in fact know someone else who does.

Lastly you can blast out your resume via fax or e-mail to potential employers on your off hours. Even though you will be sending the information when there is nobody at most of these places, chances are they will get it in the morning. Just be sure that you have it somewhere on your resume to contact you at later hours. This avoids your cell phone from going off too much while you are at work.

Whether you are sick of your current job or you just want a change of pace, it never hurts to get your resume out there and see what is available. However, you should extend common courtesy to your current employer and conduct your new job search when you are off the clock and not on. That way you won’t have to ‘quit your day job’ until you are ready to do so.

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