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Finding Work in a Freelance Marketplace

Freelance marketplace, also known as outsourcing or crowdsourcing marketplaces are website platforms which help people buy or sell their services through the internet or at least communicate through it. Anyone can buy or sell service just by creating an account on such websites. As a buyer you just have to post a job with your requirements and how much you are willing to pay for the service received. As a seller of service you must bid on job posts with how much you are willing to do it for, how soon you can complete the job and why you are the best choice for that specific job, it’s much like an intention letter.

What is a freelancer? (Benefits of being a freelancer)

A freelancer is the word used for someone who is working for himself, also known as self-employed and is not retained by any contract. However, there are companies that sell so called freelancers for any type of jobs, depending on which freelancers are available and the job requirements. This however, is not exactly how a freelancer works as he doesn’t require someone to help him find work. There are many services that a freelance can offer, almost anything you can think of that can be transferred over the internet can be sold for money on the freelance marketplace, and some of the examples include: Writing, computer programming, web design, music, translating, customer service and many other.

There are many benefits of being a freelancer, let’s list some of them:

–         Working without having a boss to annoy you for any mistake you ever make is probably the best thing in the world.

–         You can wake up at any time you desire since you aren’t under a contract; you can even have Monday as a strict no working day.

–         You can work from where ever you want. Freelancing theoretically means working from home, but “home” can mean anywhere in the world where you have internet. Practically you can go visit your family more often and take long trips to any place you want and even make money doing so.

–         You control the amount of money you make. By choosing the amount of time you spend with work, if you think that you need to buy something or go somewhere that requires a bit more, you can just work more to get the money faster. 

Types of Freelance marketplace

There are many types. The best online freelance marketplace include a bit of everything and can increase depending on what jobs are posted; if for example there is a new job that has never been posted before there will be a special category for it. There are jobs for almost any hobby or special capabilities. Some examples are:

–         Everything that is design related, like: Logos, packaging designs, websites, book covers, t-shirts, business cards, software interface designs, app designs and many others.

–         Programmers can also find jobs, as they can make apps for smartphones, tablets and PCs, create websites, work as remote IT assistance and others.

–         If you are the kind of person that likes to write, there is a lot of work for you. Translation, interpreting, SEO writing, copywriting, proof writing, academic writing, these are just a few of the things you can do.

–         There are also top freelance marketplaces that offer local services, some of them include: babysitting, gardening, house cleaning and others. 

Who is it for?

Anyone that is tired of waking up at 6 or 7AM when the sun is not even out and get a bus and a train to get on time for work, then spend 7 or 8 hours taking a break only when you are allowed to, only to get home, sleep and start all over again in the morning. This is the main reason for why people choose to freelance, but there are other reasons as well. For example: people that  like the liberty to work whenever they feel like, or people that feel like doing something extra after work, people that live in remote areas and getting to work means packing a travel bag like they’re going on a trip.

What are the benefits of a Freelance Marketplace?

If for example you are a student and don’t really feel like writing that academic paper, you are in luck as there are hundreds of people eager to do it for you. If you are a company and half of your staff is on medical leave, surely there are people who can fill in until your people get back. These are just a few of the benefits, the main one is that you can hire someone or sell your services without any hassle and you can do it fast. 

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