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Four Ways to Find a New Job

Four ways to find a new job – quick!

Whether you’re uninspired by your current role, or just looking for something a little different, there are times in our life when we need to find a new job – and quick.

With our four quick tips, we’ll help you to make finding your new role a breeze. Whether you choose to take our advice now, or a few years down the line, these four key fundamentals won’t ever change.

Maintain your network

While your network might seem unimportant now – it’ll become so crucial when you’re back on the job market. Maintain it, keep in touch with key players and stay on former colleagues’ radars and who knows, maybe that person who you were good friends with in a previous role is now hiring for an assistant – or somebody for their team. Really, maintaining your network is really quite simple, and certainly worth doing.

People need favours from time to time – but generally, they like to repay them as well. If you’re in a position to do someone a favour now, do it – you could call one in further down the line.

Always keep your resume up to date

While your resume might not be at the forefront of your mind right now – why would it be when you’ve already got a job? By updating it as you progress through your career, you can keep track of your own personal progress. Update it with you achievements, extra responsibilities, promotions and hobbies and interests.

There are also great ways to ensure your resume looks and feels fresh which is so important. One way to do this is by taking advantage of a free resume maker from the likes of Adobe. By having a resume that looks fresh and jam-packed with your latest achievements, you’ll be able to fire off applications as soon as you realise your current role isn’t for you.

Use recruiters

The world is filled with bad stories about recruiters. On the surface, they might look like sales-driven, commission-hungry fanatics who want to find a job for you to line their pockets; while that might be true for some, the majority of recruiters take pride in their work: they help employers find employees and vice-versa. They will receive commission on the charges made by the agency they work for, and so it’s a very results driven game.

The quicker they land you a role, the quicker the agency lands cash. Of course, if the employee quits within 3 months, or they’re not good enough for the job, then they’ll run into trouble. That’s why, ultimately, recruitment consultants will look to find you a role that suits your skill-set. The great thing is that they have connections with hiring-managers, hence getting you in quicker. Honestly, take advantage!

Ring up potential employers before applying

One last quick tip is to call any potential employer before applying. By doing so you’re more likely to stick in the hiring manager’s mind. Ask questions about the role, the organisation and anything else that comes to your mind about the role. You can also use this opportunity to slip in a few details about why you’d be good for the role, but don’t go overboard – you’re not at the interview stage yet!

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