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Great Online Job Search Resources

There are many great resources on the internet today and you are at a real advantage over those applying for jobs even just 20 years ago. From writing your resume, applying for jobs, or even deciding what career to go into, look to the internet for help.  Here are just a sampling of great resources available – best of all, completely free!

Introduction to Resumes

Purdue University is well known for their online resources, which are available to the general public.  Their introduction to resumes is a great general resource for those first writing their resumes or those that haven’t updated their resume in a number of years.

Cover Letter Tips

Another great resource that Purdue offers is information on cover letters.  This can be a tough one, especially in today’s world of emailing resumes. Many think cover letters aren’t necessary, but including one in your email is critical.  Some hiring managers won’t even look at a resume if it doesn’t come with a cover letter.

Upload Resume to Monster

Once you have your resume completed you can upload it to Monster.  Potential employers filter through the resumes and if they find you to be a match, they will be contacting you regarding an open position.  Recruiters often sort through these resumes to find candidates for their clients.  It never hurts to have someone out there helping you in your job search.

Salary & Wages

When applying for a job, it’s not uncommon to be asked your salary requirements.  Many don’t know how to answer this question – of course you want as much money as possible, but in order to have a professional response to this request, check out the salary and wages page of Monster’s site.  This can also be a great resource when you are ready to ask for a raise.

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Salary Comparison

Another great resource for investigating salaries is to use a comparison calculator.  Find out what other professionals in your area are making. This can help you negotiate your salary when first starting a position.  Compare their offering salary with what other local companies are paying.

Follow Up Thank You Letters

After interviewing it’s always a good idea to send a follow up thank you note.  Remember, they are interviewing multiple candidates.  Sending a nice  email later that day, or the following day is a great way to get them to reflect on you and your interview.  Find great tips for these follow up letters.

Local Area Unemployment Statistics
Federal Employment Statistics
National Compensation Data
Employment Projections

The government has several site with a wealth of information.  You hear about unemployment rates on the news all the time, but you can check your local unemployment statistics to see where your community ranks with the national unemployment data.  The Bureau of Labor also compiles data and information on compensation and employment projections that is interesting to explore.

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