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How to Find Your Perfect Job

You will spend most of your life either asleep or at work. That’s a heck of a lot of time wasted if you don’t enjoy what you do! So, it’s no wonder that so many people are constantly in pursuit of the perfect job but finding that job is more difficult than it might sound. 

For a start, the hidden job market can make it harder to see jobs that are available, meaning that you need to have an inside track before you can even consider applying for something new. Similarly, you might find that the perfect job is always just out of reach because you don’t have the right skill set or experience. 

So, what should your strategy be?

Get to Know Your Industry

If you want to change industry or make a radical pivot in your career, you have to get to know the industry you plan to move to. Even if you don’t have the experience yet, having an understanding of what you will need to learn is vital. Start by looking at relevant websites and resources. For example, you could look at The Memphis Medical Society if you are interested in entering medicine. 

The more you know about the industry you plan to enter, the easier it will be to prepare for interviews and make your application as convincing as possible. 


While you can learn a lot about an industry from online searches, the best way to get a foot through the door is to start networking. Just because you aren’t a professional in an industry yet doesn’t mean that you can’t go along to networking events to find out more. And, the more people you get to know, the more chances you will have to enter the hidden market. 

There are lots of ways to build a new network from scratch from making online connections to attending local events. The important thing to remember is that this is a bit like a recon mission. Make sure that you ask all your daftest questions while you have someone to talk to and be open about your reasons for moving to a new industry. 

If you are nervous about networking, it might be worthwhile writing a shortlist of questions or ideas you want to ask when you are there. Networking is exactly the same as making new friends but you already have a subject to discuss. If in doubt, approach a friendly-looking group or individual and simply ask what they do. 

Be Open to New Directions

For some people, finding the perfect job isn’t as easy as figuring out which industry or role to move into. Knowing what the perfect job looks like may not be so obvious. In this case, it’s really important that you are open to different ideas. The jobs market is ever-changing and people are in jobs now that didn’t exist 10 years ago

Even if you are happy in your current job, it’s always worth keeping an eye out for opportunities that may appear in your peripheral vision. You never know when something amazing might come along. 

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