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How To Get A Job After University

Getting a job is tough. Even when you have a great degree it can be hard to land the job you wanted, meaning you may need to do something else in the meantime. To get the first job there are certain things you need to do. You need to stack the odds in your favour, become as well rounded and open as possible and even then need a little bit of luck to see you through. You may have already considered some of these tips. But even so, they can get more ideas flowing and put you in the right job hunting mindset.

Improve Your Resume

It can never be perfect enough. Send them out to CV doctors, to your university careers department, even to friends and family. Give them to the best places and people you can and you could still not get the right job. The key lies in doctoring your CV for the job you’re applying for. You need to hit the right keywords for each job. There are certain resume objectives that will knock your socks off. Get them right and you’ll be snapped up. Really think about what the HR department will be looking for and change it to suit it. You can’t change the facts and figures, like your degree, but you can change how it is all worded and targeting. Doing this will give you the best chance of success.

Prep For The Interview

You need to research the interview and the tactics involved. Raid forums and websites and look out for anyone who has been through the interview before by doing this you can give yourself the best success of succeeding. You need to try and find out what kind of questions they ask or what sort of assessments they use. Are there group interviews? Or role playing assessments? Try your hardest to ascertain what kind of things they do and you can give yourself the best chance possible. Never go in blind if it’s possible not to. If there are tests involved, like numeracy or literacy, you should revise before hand. Learn as much as you can and consider how the particular firm would angle the questions towards their own business. By logically thinking it through, mixed with research, you can get to the questions that will likely be asked.

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Don’t Say No To The Internships

If you really had one job in mind and didn’t get it, go for an internship. The experience you gain here will be vital and you can use it to then apply for the right job you’ve always wanted. There may be a rough period of low income, which you can ride out by picking up a second job. You need to see it through, there is light at the end of the tunnel and although an internship may be seen as a step back it can actually be a huge step in the right direction and open up untold new possibilities. You should not put barriers up, be open to everything and opportunities will follow.

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