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How to Hunt for Jobs When You Don’t Have a Car

Today’s job market is highly competitive. Many applicants are vying for the same positions, and it is only the strong that make it to the top. As employers continue to become more and more selective, applicants have to constantly step up to the plate and meet high expectations. If all this wasn’t enough–many job seekers are forced to go through this arduous process without their own means of reliable transportation. If you find yourself in the tough situation of hunting for jobs without a car, you may have a difficult time–but with a little creativity and hard work, you can come out on top.

The rise of the internet has made the job search substantially easier for applicants who don’t have their own cars. There are literally dozens of websites today that offer employment listing databases to job hunters, and some even carry the option of uploading a resume for potential employers to view. You can take advantage of this by pushing out the majority of your job search efforts from the comfort of home. If you budget your time wisely, you’ll be able to send out over a dozen applications a day without ever hitting the streets.

When it does come time to start heading out for interviews, you’ll need to do some careful planning. If you can borrow a car from a friend or family member, by all means do so–however, it always pays to have a backup plan. You never know when an emergency might pop up on the day of your important interview, causing you to lose that car access. Get to know your city’s public transportation system. You may be able to get around town rather easily for your interviews on buses or subways, but always give yourself extra commute time when you go public. An unforeseen complication or service schedule change can have disastrous effects if you’re not prepared.

During the interview process, you may find that some employers are not very receptive to the idea of workers commuting without their own transportation. This is more common in cities that are commuted mainly by car, such as Los Angeles and other sprawling areas. Don’t be put off by such attitudes–convert them to your side instead. For example, talk about how the time you spend commuting to work on a bus or train could be used to get a head start on important assignments. If you commute by bicycle, emphasize the increasing popularity of this kind of transportation as well as its benefits for health and the environment.

Being successful on the job hunt is all about creativity these days. You need to show employers that you have something unique to offer. If your lack of wheels is really getting in the way, looking into resources like may reveal financing options that work with your current situation. However, your lack of a car should not be viewed by you or anyone else as a weakness. Use modern technology and your own creativity to turn car-free living into a strength.

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