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How to Improve Broadband and Speed up your Job Search

Slow broadband can cause a huge number of issues – it can interfere with your entertainment, make it hard for kids to do their schoolwork, and hold back your business.  There are a few simple things that you can do, however, to get more from your connection and speed up your broadband.

We offer short-term, flexible TV, phone and broadband packages, and serve more than ten thousand customers in the UK. We have a lot of expertise with broadband, including serving the lettings market with high speed connections. Here are a few tips to help you get the most from your router, and get your connection performing as well as it should be.

Internet connections are not a luxury anymore – they’re something that we need for day to day life, and this means that when you move into a new property you will want to make sure that you can get good speeds. Picking an area that has good speeds to start with will help – because you can’t get more out of your router than the line to your house can provide. If, however, you move to a new area and find that your router is not able to perform, then there could be some other things that are causing issues:

Router Position

Try placing your router as far away as possible from large electrical devices such as speakers, TVs, etc. There are a lot of devices that can interfere with your broadband connection – even dimmer switches and fairy lights – and moving your router could speed things up according to Simply Switch.

Try Different Rooms

If moving the router away from your TV or other appliances doesn’t help, try moving it to a different room. Furniture, and walls, can block wifi signals. Place your router in an elevated location and not too far from where you would normally be using your internet connected device.

Use a Short Cable

Use the shortest cable you can to plug your router into your phone socket. Try to pick a high quality cable too because cheap cables can suffer from interference problems.

Go direct

If you can’t get a good wireless signal, try using an ethernet cable to see if that offers a better connection.

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