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Is It Better to Apply for Jobs in Person or Online?

Our wonderful modern era, and all the great technology that’s come with it, have given us great and convenient ways to do a lot of the things that we’ve always been doing, and will always continue to need to do. Bills are never going to go away, and we’re almost always going to have to pay them. Seven years ago, however, most of our bills were paid by checks that we put in the mail. Now, the majority of us pay our bills online, with a credit card, and in a way that not only reduces the amount of paper and waste that we consume or generate, but also greatly reduces the amount of effort that’s required of us. Doing things online is the way of the future — but is everything made better by the capabilities of the Internet?

Job applications are an important part of just about anybody’s life, and there are going to be at least a few periods where the idea of a job application might seem to be all you find yourself thinking about. The job hunt can be a stressful, but very important time. Computers and the Internet have given us even more options as to how we might want to go about looking for a job, and some of us might be wondering if it’s smarter to apply in person or online.

Honestly, this depends first and foremost upon the company to which you’re applying. From corporations and moderately-sized businesses, to grocery store chains and retailers — many employers simply don’t give you the option of doing anything other than apply online. It makes sense, too, if you think about it. Applying for a job online reduces costs for things like paper, applications, and other materials. It also gives the employer a chance to review the application when he or she actually has a minute to do so, and if the candidate is interesting, a simple phone call can be made.

Some businesses are better applied to in person, however. Restaurants are a great example of this. Some might require that you submit an application online, but since serving is such a personality-oriented position, it can help to actually show up in person and make an appearance in the restaurant to get the job. This basically applies to any position where your personality, appearance, and customer service abilities are going to be put to the test first and foremost.

Otherwise, the choice is left up to your best judgement. Sometimes you can just tell by the company’s store signs that they’d prefer if you came in and said hello when you apply. Sometimes a company will specify that they’d prefer their applications to come in via email only. When you’re looking for a job, the best policy is to pay attention, read all the fine print, and really consider whether or not your potential employer would prefer that you showed up with a nice suit and a smiling face when you’re getting ready to submit your application.

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