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Job Hunting Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make

Looking for a job can be a long, difficult process. Almost like a job in itself! If you’re determined to find the perfect job and land the role, you need to make sure you’re not making certain job hunting mistakes. Here are a few mistakes that you really don’t want to make:

Failing To Personalise Your Applications
Personalising your applications, both your CV and cover letter is crucial if you want to stand out. Sending the same thing out to every single job you apply for is a huge faux pas, and many companies will be able to tell that you’ve just performed a mass send out. Personalising is the key to standing out and landing an interview.

Failing To Research The Company
Researching a company is so important, especially if you get an interview. It’s great to demonstrate that you’ve researched the company and know a little about them, as this shows that you’re eager to work with them. You can also personalise your answers a little so that they feel you are what they’re looking for.

Applying For Jobs Purely For The Money
Sometimes, applying because of what a job pays can be tempting. However, doing things purely for the money is a bad idea. You need to have some kind of interest in the industry, or you’ll hate the place you spend the majority of your time. Make sure you research jobs thoroughly so you know what suits you, your interests, skills, and lifestyle. The following infographic can help you out!

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