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Job Seeking in a Competitive Market: How to Gain an Edge on Rival Candidates

Attempting to interpret labor market data can be extremely challenging, as the information published through reports and other mediums can be extremely contradictory. This is showcased in the U.S. market at present, where a recent rise in jobless claims and slow wage growth is being offset by a lowering unemployment rate.

So despite challenges, the modern employment market is littered with job opportunities and a rising number of motivated applicants. Although a number of these are temporary in nature or offer less than ideal rates of remuneration, they at least enable job seekers to re-enter the employment market, develop their resume and build towards a more prosperous future.

How to Thrive in a Busy and Competitive Job Market

With a higher number of applicants for even entry level jobs, you will need to create a viable strategy if you are to achieve your employment goals and steal a march on rival candidates. With this in mind, consider the following ideas when searching for work: –

Develop Transferable Market Skills

While each individual job requires some level of academic attainment and specific skill-sets, these can often be achieved with the help of a motivated employer. You are better served by focusing on transferable market skills, which can deployed in multiple industries and job roles and afford you a general base of knowledge that appeals to employers. Prominent examples includes skills such as numeracy, problem solving and an ability to communicate in a proactive and effective manner, which help to create a rounded candidate for work who can be moulded for the purpose of more tailored and advanced positions.

Show Flexibility and Broaden your Search for Work

In terms of outlook and philosophy, it is imperative that you are flexible when looking for work or considering individual offers. By considering your job search in rigid terms and criteria, you will find opportunities limited and struggle to create a favourable impression on potential employers. You can showcase flexibility in numerous ways, from the range of job types that are willing to consider to the geographical areas in which you search for employment. Although you should always target jobs that are suited to your skill-set and easily accessible from your home, it is crucial that maintain an agile and open mind while also adapting to any roles that in includes a diverse range of duties. If you also adopt a proactive approach and decide to consider temporary work to re-establish yourself in the job market, it is worth investing in affordable transportation from outlets such as AA Cars so that you can cover a wider region and work more consistently.

Interpret Business Jargon and Communicate Effectively

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With the majority of job advice blogs, you will read generic copy that includes tips that implore you to ‘stand out from the crowd’ and ‘create a favourable first impression’ on employers. This means little by itself, however, so you must delve deeper into this advice and find actionable steps to achieve such goals. The most effective way to accomplish both of these things is to adopt a simplistic approach, by initially creating an accurate resume that you believe in and can be easily supported by your career achievements to date. You should continue this trend by staying true to yourself during the application and interview process, as it is your unique characteristics and attributes that will ultimately distinguish you from rival candidates. Presenting your true persona during an interview will also help to improve your non-verbal communication, as you are more likely to be comfortable and confident when interacting with employers.

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