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Mistakes to Avoid at Your Next Career Fair

Career fairs can be great opportunities to find a job that will be rewarding in pay and in personal satisfaction, but only if you go about them the right way. There are many mistakes that are commonly made which can prove costly when attending a career fair and these mistakes should be avoided at all costs.

Of course the first mistake to make is under dressing. You must dress in the appropriate manner if you wish to find success at a career fair. There will after all be many potential employers there and sloppy attire will get you the wrong kind of attention.

Another common mistake that can cost you is gum chewing. Nobody wants to hear you smacking your gum in your mouth so you should do yourself a favor and just leave the gum behind. This will allow you to speak without looking like you just don’t care.

You should also avoid trying to control a conversation. Ask questions by all means, but make sure you listen more and talk less. Give the potential employers a chance to tell you about a possible opportunity and save the jawboning for another day.

Perhaps the biggest mistake though is leaving for the career fair with too little resumes on hand. Always come prepared with more resumes than you could possibly need. After all, it is far better to have some resumes left over at the end of the career fair than it is to run out before it even ends. By not having enough resumes with you potential employers will simply think that you a person who is not prepared and that will not bode well for your chances of employment.

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Career fairs only work well if you work them well. So, you have to be prepared, look great, and be willing to listen. By avoiding simple mistakes you can help you boost your changes greatly when attending your next career fair.

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