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Occupations for Social Butterflies

People at business meeting

Job concept If it was up to you, work would be a constant collaboration void of cubicles and personal space. Work takes up around half of your waking hours during the week, so it might as well be spent connecting with those around you.

Not only do social jobs spark our passions, many of them also make a first-hand difference in the lives of those who receive the product or service. Avoid the lonely desk job and check out these interactive occupations to foster your passion for people.

Mental Health Counselor

Armed with extensive knowledge demystifying the scientific and social factors that drive behavior, mental health counselors walk alongside patients through intimate struggles. Psychologists have the opportunity to help patients change their lives through honest dialog and astute observation, key traits of most people persons.

A career in psychology starts with a mental health counseling degree, which prepares these personal resources to detect and work through attitudes, behaviors and past experiences that contribute to mental health. While counselors must research to remain up to date on the latest trends in their field, psychology is largely an interactive field.

Personal Trainers

Most professionals have to wait until the weekend to go out and get active, but personal trainers spend their working hours guiding motivated subjects to fitness goals. Personal training allows extroverts to connect with fellow gym rats, whether it’s encouraging a client to push hard through the last set or letting him or her blow off steam about work as you hit the treadmill together.

There’s no set path to becoming a personal trainer, but various certification programs along with a background in health and kinesiology can qualify energetic men and women for this active profession (a good physique doesn’t hurt, either).

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Think you could never get tired of people? Put your claim on the line and join the ever-social world of education. The life of a teacher is filled with constant interaction, both speaking to a group and dealing with individual students.

Most teachers cut their teeth in undergraduate education programs, although accelerated programs such as Teach For America give college graduates a crash course before releasing participants into the job market.

Veterinarian Assistant

You love sweet talking and affection — sweet chit chat with lovable four-legged furry patients who rely on you for your medical expertise. A veterinarian assistant connects to the animal world and adores creatures insomuch that their health and wellbeing is your calling. While caring for animals, you’ll also keep surgical instruments and equipment sterilized. Ensuring that sick or injured animals receive adequate aid and medication is your responsibility. Although connecting with animals is your natural passion, you don’t mind helping, educating and reassuring their humans either.


Some people just know how to talk to strangers. Whether it’s a party, wedding or grocery store, these chatty characters always find themselves getting to know new people. This quality is particularly helpful in the world of journalism, where reporters are tasked with extracting juicy details on a moment’s notice.

Journalism careers usually start with an undergraduate program, but internships and experience will bring cub reporters their first jobs.

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