Posting Your Resume Online

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The key to getting interviews is having your resume viewed as many times as possible by as many potential employers as possible. One way in which you can help ensure that your resume is viewed a lot is by posting your resume online.

This is easy to do and you can either use websites that charge you a small amount in order to post your resume, or you can stick with the freebie websites. Even though free is not always good, there are some big names in the job industry that will allow you to post your resume with them free of charge. and are two big boys that allow free resume posting on their websites.

Once your resume is posted, you then have the opportunity to have potential employers who are searching the website for potential candidates stumble upon your resume. Because you have to open a free account with most of the resume posting websites, you will also have already had to create a career profile. This is also to your advantage as the more information potential employers can gain about you the better.

If you opt to go with a pay service this doesn’t necessarily mean that you are getting ripped off. In fact, many of these pay services will not only allow you to post your resume on their websites, but they will take it a step further and distribute your resume to members in their database as well. This means even more eyeballs on your resume.

So whether you are going with the free services, the pay services, or both, it definitely pays to have your resume posted online.  Remember, the more eyes on your resume the more likely you are to get a job interview, so make use of online resume posting wherever you can.

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