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Practical Methods For Finding Work As A Graduate

jobsearchIt’s now September and congratulations are in order for everyone who graduated over this past summer. While completing your degree can leave you confused as to where to go next, there are plenty of opportunities. Some people decide to take some time out and travel after graduating. Further education is also a smart choice.

However, for many people, the best option is to delve into working life. Getting straight to work can help you develop your career from the get-go, and also put you in a good situation financially. As a graduate who went through the whole process myself, here are some methods I’d recommend for finding work.
Search Online

When I graduated, I found work by turning to job search engines on the internet. There are many out there which let you search jobs based on location, career field, and salary.

The best method for recent graduates is to use a site that lets you search for a graduate job. Websites like these show opportunities specifically for those who have graduated from university. Applying to roles looking for graduates will bolster your chances of getting a job.

Using websites to find job opportunities makes it easy to apply to many in a short amount of time. Make sure your CV is up to date and work on your interview skills. You should be able to find a job in no time!

Consider Placements

Jumping straight into a job isn’t the only option. Some people prefer taking a work placement or internship. Sometimes cutting your teeth in a voluntary placement is the best way to get into a competitive industry.

Work placements allow you to boost your skills and give you more experience for your CV. While some work placements are paid, many involve unpaid, voluntary work. Still, internships often lead to a full-time role, so it can be an excellent way to land a fulfilling job in your field.

Get Help From Your University

If you’re unsure of where to go next, you might want to contact your university. Most will have a careers center you can call or visit to ask questions and get advice.

In most cases, you don’t have to be a student. Most universities are keen to help their alumni find work. Universities often have links to various businesses and companies, so they might be able to find an opportunity suitable for you. You may even want to work at your old institution. Many universities take on recent graduates to work in various roles.

Ask Around

One method many people don’t consider is simply to ask around. Your past lecturers and employers might know somewhere with a role available that fits your skills. I know many people who have had success working with family friends. Many jobs are filled by people who make use of their contacts, so asking around never hurts.

Use Social Media

Another method that may help you find work is to use social media. A lot of people use professional networks like LinkedIn to find business contacts. This isn’t the only social media site that can help, though. You could contact university friends on Twitter and Facebook to ask if they know of anything available. Many companies also advertise jobs through social media. Make sure you follow any you’re interested in.

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