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Pre-Employment Tests: How To Be Ready

Many companies find that they are bombarded with hundreds of applications for any opening their advertise. However, since they can only allow one person to be hired, they must turn away several hundred well-placed applications. And yet, since there is also a struggle to find and retain top talent, companies want to make sure they’re making the best hire. Thus, pre-employment tests are slowly becoming the norm in top-level companies. Graphology is the main way companies will test potential employees as it’s the cheapest way to see if you’re right for the job. They use your writing to predict your job performance but others believe this is too focused on the written assessment. So for companies that wish to hire the best professionals, a practical test is also needed. For anyone looking to be hired, you need to be ready for both.

Profession and job knowledge

How can one prepare themselves to answer some tough questions on the written test? It’s best to keep your fingers on the pulse of the respective industry you work in. If you work in construction, architecture and or manufacturing, it’s best to read articles and journals regularly. The journals will be more academic and discuss the latest projects, breakthroughs, and tests that are going on within the industry. Informative, educational and investigative articles in magazines and newspapers will keep you up-to-date with the implementations and public response to various happenings within your industry. It’s good to have a balance so you can answer questions that vary from theory to practical analysis.

Dressed for the occasion

If you progress to the final stages of an application, you may be brought in to participate in a mock working day. The company will usually pay you for your time and work, but make no mistake, it’s not in the bag just yet. The company will provide you with any equipment that might be needed but you can impress by showing up with your own. For example, if you’re applying to work in a hospital as a surgeon or doctor, you’ll need one of these lab coats for medical professionals. They have lab coats for both men and women and are designed to fit you snugly while looking formal. There are 10 different types you can choose from. The same goes for if you’re looking to be hired as a professional in the business. For example, you’re sales managers and you’re coming in for a mock work day, bring your own tablet. Using whatever kind of sales software that makes you comfortable, show the employer how comfortable you are integrating cutting edge sales software with the way you work.

Ethical standards

For many companies, the final hurdle is the integrity test whereby your morals, ethics and cooperation skills will be tested. Some might also say this is a personality test, which is true, but complex ethical scenarios might be presented to you. Behave as you normally would and don’t be overwhelmed by the need to impress. 

Pre-employment tests are actually beginning to be quite common for the top companies. Dress the part and bring your own equipment to show how serious you are about your profession. 

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