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Resume Distribution: Apply Within

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When you’re searching for jobs, knowing where to apply can be challenging. Sometimes using online job boards or local networking events can seem overwhelming, especially if you have an idea of where you’d like to work. If this is the case, finding companies you’d like to work for is a great first step in resume distribution.

Start by finding out about specific companies. Your search can be geographic or industry specific. Make a list and then do your research.  If you know of some companies you’re interested in working for, start with them. Find out about company products and services, their mission statement and their goals. Take a look at their success, and their competitors. If you can, find out about their corporate culture and their involvement in the community. Then, apply! Many companies do not advertise their job openings, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t available. In fact, positions become available all the time. By applying online or sending your resume directly to the Human Resources department, you get your foot in the door when those positions open up.

Applying to companies you want to work for rather than applying for specific jobs at random companies is a great way to distribute your resume. Be sure to make contact with their HR department and always follow-up. You never know when the right opportunity will present itself.

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