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Show Your Versatility on Your Job Search

If you’re in the market for a new job, take a tip from the pros. Everyone who is looking to hire these days wants an employee who will be a bargain for their buck. You need to be multi-talented, willing to work extra hard and do a variety of tasks. Showing that you have done exactly those things on your resume will increase your chances of being hired.

When writing job descriptions of your previous tasks, make sure to include the extra things you did, as well as your main responsibilities. Don’t make the job description too long though. For example, if you worked in accounts payable, your description should also include that you filled in as needed in other positions. Name them. Mention that you wrote the company’s internal newsletter each month or that you organized meetings or special events. The more you show you can do, the more in demand you will be.

Even though you are applying for a position that requires a limited skill set, be sure to list other skills you have that may be useful in other positions. The employer may want to fill the job as described but may already be thinking of additional tasks to transfer to that position, should job cuts be necessary in other areas. If you clearly show everything you can do, you will definitely increase your appeal in the job market.

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