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Sure-Hire Tips For Finding Your Perfect Job

Getting a job is always a big challenge and when it comes to finding the perfect role for yourself it can seem almost impossible. The job market is always thriving but there is also a lot of competition for any given role out there, and this means you should always have your wits about you and be ready for anything. Today we are going to talk through some of the best ways you can ensure you are hired this year for your perfect job. 

Be specific 

When looking for a job role in a certain industry it is impotent for you to be specific about the role you want. For example if you are looking for a business executive role you should narrow this down by a junior or senior executive job search to get the best results. This will ensure that whenever you search for a job you only see the ones which are relevant to you and your experience level. 

Don’t Settle

One of the biggest mistakes we make when trying to make a name for ourselves in the business world is to settle for a lesser job in order to get ‘experience’. It is important to us to think about ourselves in this situation and always consider the great things we can achieve. If you settle for less you’ll never reach for the stars. 

Remember the Cover letter

When applying for a job sometimes you will be asked to I’ve a covering letter to tell the employer how qualified you are and why the job role will suit you. When it comes to this it is important for you to write a covering letter which really encaptures the reason you are applying for the job and make sure it sounds like you want the job more than anything. A first impression is important and this is what the covering letter will provide. 

Job Specific CV

It is a common misconception that we should all have a CV which lists every single one of our traits. This is not the case however and it can actually be the reason you aren’t getting hired. When creating a CV it is important to tailor the content to a job role. If you are applying for a writing job make sure to link to things you have written in the past, and for a photography position share some of your snaps. This will show attention to detail and it will make your CV stand out from all of the others which the employer has to read through. 


Interviews are always painful and they are daunting too. But it is incredibly important for you to never let an interview dampen your spirit or make you feel nervous. Instead, make sure that you are willing to push yourself and try to get along with the interviewer. Have a pushy and tell stories and this will make a huge difference to the impression they have of you. 

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