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Surprising Tips that Will Land You in Work

If you have spent the last few weeks or months looking for a job with no joy it’s time to throw out the rule book. There are some surprising tips that will help you to land a job and they aren’t what you expect. While the job center may not approve of these tips they can be a fantastic way of helping you to find the right job that you’re going to love.

Stop Looking for Work

Until now you have probably sent you hundreds of emails with your CV attached and a carefully produced covering email for each one. Out of all those job applications it is highly likely that most of the jobs were not an ideal fit for you anyway.  You need to establish yourself as a resource, an asset that needs to be deserved. Therefore stop applying for everything you see and only send your CV out to companies where you know there is a job you want that’s available and that you are being considered for. You should also send out your CV to head-hunters, but stop throwing your CV at everything you see.

Stop Talking About You!

You probably think the best way to land a job is by telling your potential employer about how much experience you have or by going through your extensive qualifications.  To be completely honest with you the interviewer is probably already bored to tears before you finish your first sentence. Don’t make the interview about you, make it about the company. Think about how your skills can be used to benefit the company, turn things around and show the interviewer why you are going to be the right choice. Ask about the company too, and use the information to work in your assets subtly.

Avoid the U Word

Being unemployed doesn’t look or sound good so don’t use it. Present yourself as someone who is between work. You will give off a much better impression by avoiding this term as many people associated the unemployed with benefit scroungers, which is something you want to avoid at all costs. You’re an executive or a professional who is between jobs and ready for your next exciting opportunity.

Take a Break

Job hunting is stressful and until you find work it becomes a full time job in its own right. You have to trawl the Internet, look in papers, approach employers and sign up to headhunting websites and job agencies. It can all become very stressful if you don’t take a break from the process. If you are having a bad day or you have a rejection that hits you hard take some time away from the job hunt. Go for a walk, tidy the house, go and see a friend, do anything that will reenergize you and make you more determined.

Use Job Agencies

It is worth signing up to many job agencies as they are often inundated with requests for qualified professionals. Look for agencies that specialise in the type of work you’re looking for as well as more general agencies. Visit our website today and register with us to receive the most exciting job opportunities.

The author is a writer and the owner of a small copywriting company. She has been building up her business for seven years and enjoys writing about various topics, drawing on her experience as an entrepreneur and copywriter.  You can find more of her work online and in printed publications. 

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