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The Changing Nature of the Recruitment Sector: 3 Things to Look for as a Job Seeker in 2014

The nature of the employment market has evolved considerably in the last decade, as technological and social developments have changed the way in which people look for work and the type of work available. This evolution has been exacerbated by the Great Recession, which has created a paucity of long-term and well paid job opportunities.

E-recruitment has played a key role in the changing job market, with cloud based services now available to help those out of work connect with employers. Despite this, however, it is still hard for individuals to find well paid and sustainable work in the current climate, meaning that those who enter the market must understand its nature and challenges.

Finding Work in 2014: Trends for Job Seekers to be Aware of

With this in mind, what are the key recruitment and job market trends that you should be aware of in 2014? Consider the following: –

Retention and Economic Issue may Cause you to Re-evaluate your Career Path

The current level of economic expansion contrasts sharply with the nature of jobs being created, as short-term, temporary assignments are becoming dominant within the sector. This creates significant retention issues across multiple industries, with turnover rates set to increase by 25% across the board in 2014. As a result of this, you may need to reconsider your long-term career path, as the chances of identifying a job role that can last for 10-15 years are becoming increasingly slim. By amending your professional goals to suit the existing job market, it is possible to enjoy more sustainable success.

Temporary Work and the Nature of Payment

With temporary work on the rise, it is important that you prepare to cope with the fundamental aspects of undertaking short-term assignments. This may mean being paid weekly as opposed to monthly, for example, and while innovative e-payment solutions such as Etz timesheets have streamlined the process of remuneration you will need to tailor your own financial planning to maintain an existing lifestyle. As a temporary worker you may also be unable to access adequate employment benefits or access to a pension plan, so you should consider saving as much of your disposable income as possible in a high interest account.

The Speed of Recruitment and the Need for Proactivity

If businesses are to remain competitive in the current climate, it is absolutely pivotal that they operate swiftly in the quest to retain and recruit industry talent. While the sophistication of e-recruitment and hiring solutions may have helped companies to effectively target candidates from a wider pool of job seekers, however, this means little unless you are equally proactive and committed towards pursuing viable opportunities. If you are dedicated to entering the job market in 2014, you must therefore be willing to take the initiative and approach each application with controlled aggression, tenacity and an incredibly high level of energy.

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