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The Many Ways You Can Land A Job

We generally tend to think of finding a job as only really happening in one basic way. But anyone who has been forging their career for any amount of time now will know that it can often be surprising how a job ends up in your lap. Sometimes it comes out of thin air, and can be a delightful surprise, and sometimes it is a matter of months or even years of sheer determination going after one particular role. In this post, we are going to look at some of the major ways that you tend to land jobs and the benefits and drawbacks of each way. This might help you to make more sensible decisions in future, and will at least mean that you have a stronger and fuller sense of how these things tend to work.


First of all, you have the standard application. Standard though it may be, even this can be subdivided into a number of different potential types. For example, you might have the online application through a company’s own website. This has the advantage of generally asking the kinds of questions that really allow you to expand on what you are saying and try to impress them as much as possible. Or it might be an online application, but through an agency or third party. Although there might be less scope for explanation, this can be a speedy method, and is generally best when you are applying for many jobs at the same time. However you apply, it is a classic method for a reason, and it remains the most common way that people find their ultimate job.

Being Headhunted

For many people, the idea of being headhunted is a real dream. There are definitely benefits to this method of landing work. For a start, it requires much less work on your part, as the company in question will contact you out of the blue. But don’t go thinking that this means you have got the job. Usually there will still be a process which you need to go through if you are interested in it. If you want to open yourself up to these kinds of opportunities more, you should make an effort to be recognised by the likes of Sanctuary Graduates. You will then be on all the right lists, should the chance arise, and you might find yourself receiving that phone call one day soon.


It’s often forgotten about, but the fact is that promotion remains one of the most common ways that people find themselves landing their new dream job. Fortunately, it is one of the methods you have most control over. The way to ensure you are more likely to be promoted is simply to do your job with as much passion and determination as you possibly can. That way, you are more likely to be noticed and to be promoted by your employer, and that will mean that you will rise to the top of the list fast.

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