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When you have gotten laid off and are looking for a new job, your financial responsibilities loom large. If you are like so many other people, you are not prepared for being out of work for very long. If this is you, a few tips can help you expedite your job search so you have a pay check again before you know it.

  1. Act quickly and intensely. Don’t waste a minute acting like this is a vacation. Get straight to work and get your resume updated and ready to go.
  2. Put in more hours each day than you would if you were working.
  3. Network like a maniac. Use social media like Facebook to network with other people who may be able to help you find a job. Make sure everyone in your network knows you are on the market and available immediately. Network in person also. Take in industry events. Go out of your way to contact people that you know through work.
  4. Expand your search. After contacting the companies that are your top choices, start applying to firms in other industries where your skills may be able to transfer easily. Consider applying on positions in other cities and states.
  5. Always be professional in the way you dress, your manner when contacting companies, your presentation and your writing.

Being pulled together, working hard, looking outside the box and having a plan are definitely the right ways to make sure that your job search is as quick and painless as you want it to be.

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