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The Three Things That You Need To Do To Be More Employable

14089983055_af729e023b_mUnemployment is decreasing, but there are still a lot of people looking for work. When it is a competitive market, you need to make sure that you are the best applicant that you can be. Employers and interviewers can afford to be picky about who they employ because they have a lot of options. You need to be able to stand in, in a good way, of course. So how can you be the best employee possible? Read these tips to see if they can help you.

Take Time When Applying For Roles

When you apply for a job, and you need to send off a resume, you can’t just click ‘send to all’. If yours is seen as a generic resume, it will put a potential employer off completely. It will take you time, but you need to put that time aside to tailor your resume. It needs to be specific to each role that you are applying for. Take time to read through the job specification. Make sure you include anything that you have done or achieved, that is relevant to the role. It will help you so much if the employer can tell that you have put in the effort in the application. They will know that you are keen and a hard worker, right off the bat.

Educate Yourself Further

Whatever level of education you are at, you can always develop and learn more. It may be formal education like completing a masters degree, for example. It might be some job-specific training or learning at home like the training from Simplilearn. You could take a community college night course or attend a few workshops on your chosen topic. Look around for a course that suit your budget. You will find that there is such a large variety. If a company sees that you already have a lot of desirable skills, they are much more likely to employ you. If they know that they won’t have to spend a lot to get you up to scratch, it will help a lot.

Practice Interviews

So you may have taken a lot of time to apply for the role. You are up to scratch on your qualifications and have been asked to an interview. You don’t want to mess things up at this stage. The interview is crucial and is how you can impress the employer, in just a short space of time. If you can, arrange some practice interviews with friends or family members. Perhaps a friend of your parents is in a recruiting role that could help? You want to make sure that you are good under pressure and can show your best self. Nerves can’t get the better of you. If you do, then you might start forgetting all of the great skills you have and just start mumbling through. Nailing the interview is so important.

Have you had any experience of this? It would be great to hear your stories and tips for being more employable.

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