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Three Top Spots for Resume Distribution

Once you have a resume, or a few versions of a resume, it’s time to send them out to potential employers. Knowing who and where and how is the tricky part! There are a number of ways to distribute your resume, but here are three of the top spots to get your information to employers.

The first, and probably most common place for resume distribution is online job search boards such as,, and  Take a look at some of these sites and the jobs they offer. If you see a lot of jobs in your field, build a profile and post your resume on that site. You can have profiles on a number of different job search websites, just be sure to keep track of what jobs you find on which site.

Another place to distribute your resume is a job fair. These used to be used primarily for recent college graduates but have expanded to include a wide array of industries and professionals. Job fairs offer the opportunity to visit with a number of companies all in one location, and you can usually get a list of attending employers beforehand to tailor your resume. Make sure you bring plenty of copies!

Networking events are an excellent place to hand out your resume. Whether you meet a potential employer or “someone who knows someone”, you never know what kind of potential connections you can make at a networking event. Check the business pages in your local paper or do an online search to find events in your area.

Writing your resume is a huge task, but figuring out whom to send it to can also be daunting. Using online job search engines, job fairs and networking events are three top ways to get your resume out to potential employers. Knowing where and how to distribute your resume is half the battle.

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