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Tools To Help You Get a Job In This Digital Age

From online job boards to social networks geared toward working professionals, the digital age has brought about new ways for employers to hire the talent they need. This has made job searches easier, but now standing out among the throng of candidates is more difficult. What digital tools do you need to set yourself apart in this digital job market?

Digital Resume and Social Network

LinkedIn is the largest social network for employers and working professionals. It’s essential you have a presence on the site. Ultimately, when it comes to finding a job, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know; with so many people in the job market, sometimes a simple connection through an old high school or college friend will give a potential employer a reason to look over your resume with a keener eye.

It’s probably no surprise that LinkedIn has one of the best platforms for digital resumes. The LinkedIn Portfolio option lets you display your work and accomplishments. Have you written reports? Given presentations? Conducted studies? LinkedIn Portfolio lets you display live web content via URL, or upload files and presentations directly from your computer. Now your LinkedIn resume has an interactive aspect to it; one in which potential employers can view and experience your work first hand. Furthermore, with a robust LinkedIn profile and portfolio, you can apply to jobs with a touch of a button on your mobile device. This ensures you are seen by employers before they review and hire other prospects. Start this process with unlimited data on your mobile plan. T-Mobile One gives four lines of unlimited everything for $160 a month.


Reputation is everything. If you have unflattering information available to prospective employees, remove it immediately. You can track your online reputation with IFTTT, which is short for if this than that. IFTTT is a program that lets you monitor aspects of the internet with this little formula: if A happens B happens. For instance, if your name is used in an online article or presentation (A) then you will be notified by email (B). Another handy tool is Google’s “Me On The Web” tool, which helps you monitor your online reputation by setting up search alerts by any criteria you specify. Even though you probably don’t have much negative online press, you should at least know what people have said about you.

Avoid Mistakes

Precision is everything in this digital age. With spell check on all mobile devices and computers, you should have your resume, profiles and portfolios absolutely perfect. Why? Because the competition does. While most spell check programs will catch typos and blatant punctuation mistakes, is a more robust spellchecker that catches the nuances of comma use, verb tense agreement, and much more. While premium features are locked behind a paywall, they include custom reviews of your written documents, from resumes to blog posts, and emails. While it is an initial investment, the polish Grammarly provides might push your resume and portfolio over the top for a high-flying employer. If you’re still unsure on your resume, don’t be afraid to use a professional resume editor. have a collection of options so you can have your resume, your LinkedIn profile, your cover letter, and much more reviewed and polished by professionals.

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