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Top 7 Jobs in Malta

Experts who plan on moving to Malta often look forward to the island’s warm sunny conditions and relaxed lifestyle. But there’s more to your move to Malta than remembering where your beach towel is! According to trading economics, if you land a job in 2018 that falls above this scope of wages, then you have landed yourself one of the top 7 jobs in Malta.

Finance Officer

A finance officer is a respected professional in the Banking and Financial Sectors in Malta as this is the person who has control over all the accounts payables and receivables, preparing and processing invoices for the companies as they ensure accurate executing and following up on payments. They ensure that the company is making profits at all times and advises the Board of Directors and managers on the strategies to apply to improve and elevate profits. A finance officer also contributes to the overall effectiveness of the finance function, liaising and maintain good working relationships with other departments within the organization.

Infrastructure Engineer

With the world going digital, an Infrastructure Engineer is highly required in the Technology Sector. The infrastructure engineer mainly deals with hands-on hardware support with high levels of interaction with complex storage solutions and enterprise backup environments. They are also in charge of monitoring and reporting the IT department and carry out pro-active maintenance.

Legal Officer                                            

The law is an essential element in every organization, therefore, a legal officer has is a top-quality job in Malta. A legal officer basically protects the company from any form of the legal suit and advises the top management on all legal issues that may land the organization in legal liabilities. The legal officer also assists in the administration of client assets and the drafting of corporate documents. Legal representation of the company in case of any contract or court cases is also handled by the legal officer. Apart from working in a corporation, a legal officer can also run their own consultancy firm and advise clients on various legal issues that they have. A legal officer has the autonomy to charge reasonable but high prices per hour depending on the level of advice given. Therefore being a legal officer in Malta is a promising career.

Human Resource Manager

Most organizations have a human resource department which is headed by a human resource manager. This is a very important role as the HR manager is responsible for the development of effective relationships with the managers and their subordinates and provides a professional human resource service to the company. The HR manager also implements and monitors the effectiveness of training programs and develops implements and maintains HR policies in collaboration with the Legal officer across the company and ensures compliance with the policies.

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This is one of the very lucrative jobs in Malta as seen in Castille. The reason for this is that any business or profit-making company needs a professional to manage their accounts and ensure that cash flow is accurate and that there are no loopholes. An accountant also controls the bank movements which includes; preparing bank journals, bank reconciliations, and recording client receipts. The accounting manager also reviews that the ledgers and the trial balances of the corporation are correct and all monies are accounted for. This is a very exciting job and also well-paying in Malta.

Actuarial Analyst

Actuarial analysts are international financial service providers who are specialized in pension and insurance who helps in managing the team which is involved in life and non-life insurance and reinsurance undertakings. These professionals use statistical models in analyzing data and calculate the probability of and costs which are associated with certain events for instance product failure, accidents, property damage, injury, and death. They then use these results to advise the management on the best method to design and price insurance policies. Therefore in the insurance industry, these professionals are highly regarded.

Head of Internal Audit

The head of the internal audit of an organization manages the delivery of internal audits, risk, and internal controls frameworks. The internal auditor also monitors the completion of audit plans in a timely and efficient manner and presents these reports to the Board at the end of every financial year. Therefore, an internal auditor of an organization is a lucrative profession in the auditing environment.

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