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Upcoming Job Hunting Trends You Need To Know

Over the past three-to-four months, business and job landscapes have changed dramatically. Even if lockdowns are starting to lift in many parts of the world, the impact that coronavirus has made on the economy is difficult to deny. Not only will it affect people currently in work right now, but it will most certainly affect those looking to find their place in the workplace. As such, here are some of the upcoming trends that job hunters need to be aware of for the months to come.

Education continues to become more important

It might not be much of a surprise, but it should be a change that no-one should expect to reverse any time soon. There are a lot more jobless graduates out there than ever before and, as such, employers are allowed to be picky, hiring those with qualifications even for jobs that aren’t very likely to make good use of them. As such, if you have no degree, it might be time to consider returning to education. Thankfully, distance learning and online courses are making it both easier and cheaper to qualify for a degree. Employers aren’t as picky about where you went to college so long as you got the degree.

Retirement of the boomer

The generation of boomers is starting to reach retirement age, but not every industry is seeing the influx of new blood that they need to stay sustainable. Many of these occupations and markets are desperately looking for new workers to fill old shoes, but the skills market has also changed so dramatically that people are being trained to practically ignore these kinds of jobs. As such, if you don’t have a formal education, then rather than going to college, it may also suit to get vocational training in one of the “oldest” jobs in the country. Look at the jobs with the oldest average ages and you will usually find employers who are clamoring to onboard younger workers as soon as they can.

Everything’s getting remote

This is another trend that was already on the rise before the world changed this year, but the pandemic and ensuing lockdown have served to add rocket fuel to that fire. More and more business owners are running it remotely, meaning they’re connecting with employees who can do their work online. If you have an internet connection in the home, it might be time to start looking more closely at work from home or wfh jobs. There are going to be a lot more of them in the future and getting experience in working from home sooner will mean you have an advantage over those who are slow to make the transition to remote working. Working from home does come with its own challenges to get over, too.

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Get networking online

While some cities and states are starting to open up and to try to do business as usual, a lot of the big events, including networking, conferences, and workshopping events, have been canceled. It’s not likely they are going to get up and running again until things are a little less tentative, either. To that end, you have to get used to networking online because it’s the only kind of networking that most people are doing. Networking through social media is always a good idea, but you should also consider creating your own online resume website, especially if you have an impressive record or a portfolio to show off. Seeing that you’re putting in the effort, even with the pandemic going on, is going to impress some people.

Consider freelancing instead

The worker-employer relationship has shifted greatly. While you might have heard that employment is at an all-time high, it is in large part due to the gig economy, an economy that only serves to grow larger the more uncertain the times. With business owners less willing to invest in hiring people with a recession looming in the near future, they will instead go with the flexibility that outsourcing affords. While it gives you less security, finding your freelancing career can still help you make a bit of money in the mean-time. If you want to truly turn it into a career, then you need to turn your services into a branded business, however.

It’s going to be a time of some difficulty for job hunters, especially those who aren’t able to adapt as quickly as they need to. With the trends mentioned above, hopefully, you can adapt in the time that you need and find your success in the changing times.

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