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Update Your Skills And Get That Dream Job!

shakeThere are many different stumbling blocks which can hold someone back from getting their dream job. It may be cracking under the pressure of interviews, not knowing how to write good cover letters, or a whole host of other issues. One of the biggest obstacles for people in their middle age is having skills which aren’t up to date. If you’re currently looking around the job market, then here’s how to ensure your skills are up to date.

First of all, go start researching the kinds of skills which are most likely to boost your prospects. Recent years have seen a lot of hard skills becoming much more valued, and it’s important to have these on your CV. Social media, sales and data analysis are all very hot these days, so make sure you do some fine-tuning if you’re lacking in any of these. Here, “social media” means having demonstrable knowledge and experience of all the nuances and conventions of various social networks. From now to 2020, we’re also expected to see a massive rise in the demand for all kinds of analysts and statisticians. I know it can be tough when you’re job-hunting, but attending some classes and seminars. Even more hands-on sessions like training in injection molding can really increase your prospects if it’s recent enough.

Another thing pretty much all job hunters should do is take an inventory of all their soft skills. These aren’t so much qualifications and experience as regular, personal attributes which make it easier for you to work effectively with others. This is one thing that a lot of people neglect, and go through their job hunting thinking that soft skills aren’t all that important. However, your prospective employers will want to know how well you’re going to work with their other employees and your managers, as well as how well you’ll get along with any customers you may have to talk to. We’re all different, but learning to be energetic and upbeat in professional environments can seriously help your career prospects.

Finally, take stock of all your transferable skills, and consider all the opportunities that they could help you seize. If you’re looking for a position that will help you make a full career shift, then obviously you’ll need to pick up some skills and knowledge on the job. However, you probably have several skills from your last job which can be transferred over to another position. Being able to manage projects, for example, is a very versatile skill, which will make you a more attractive catch for a wide range of business owners. You could use it in the web design industry to coordinate copywriters, graphic designers and editors. Then, you could use that same set of skills in a totally unrelated niche, like managing pickup and delivery schedules at a logistics company.

Go through these steps, and you’ll have a much better chance of getting a career in the tough job market we’re living with. As you progress, ensure that your skills stay up to date so your next transition is smoother.

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