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Would You Relocate for a Job?

Most of us will have some sort of idea in terms of our career and the job that we want to do to see us through until retirement. Yet, often this job won’t be found on our doorsteps. It would be ideal to stay in the area where you have grown up and be close to friends and family, but in order to achieve the perfect role, you may have to consider packing up and starting a new life in a new area that has better employment opportunities.

Students in particular may have to consider this option. It is notoriously difficult for graduates to land their dream role within their area of study and they made need to move to be closer to where the most job opportunities are. Particular regions within the UK will have a higher number of jobs and positions within a wide range of industries, which need to be considered when, job hunting.

Jobs Today have recently released an infographic on the falling unemployment rates and have pin pointed the regions that are in a period of strong employment recovery after the recession which you are able to see here…

jobgoround unemployment infographic

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