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Jobs That Require a Ton of Traveling

For those of us with a serious case of wanderlust, the idea of getting one job might seem a little…terrifying. To stay in one place can sometimes be a little much, and there are many of us who simply prefer to be on the go, never staying for too long in a single location. Or perhaps you find yourself on the opposite side of the coin. Many of us can wind up feeling like we’ve been in the same place forever, and when this begins to be the case it can be a great idea to figure out a way to break out of your bubble and really go see the world. In either case, though, you’ve got to make money to keep on living. Of course, money isn’t a requisite for being alive, but if you want to travel, it’s really going to help you to have some money (and a pretty fair bit of it) while you’re doing so. For this reason, it’s great to be able to work AND travel at the same time. Saving up for a huge excursion can be a lot of work, and can take a long time — why not work and travel at the same time, so you can fund your adventures while you’re actually having them? Plenty of jobs exist that cater to those of us who prefer to keep on the go, and plenty of jobs will help you actually get on the go if that’s what you’re looking to do. We’ll talk about some of the best jobs that require a lot of traveling, so you can get some great ideas if you’re looking for a way to really expand your horizons and see some other parts of the planet.

If you have any kind of a knack for video production, you might be able to snag a job as a cameraman — if you’ve got skill operating a camera, you’re a great choice for a number of adventurous positions all around the globe. Nature shows, documentary film crews, travel programs, and a bunch of other types of travel-oriented programming are incredibly popular and can always use a talented individual to help with production. Working a camera is one of the best ways to land a job that has you hopping the globe constantly.

English is probably your first language since you’re reading this, and if it is you can definitely travel the globe as an English teacher. Plenty of places are looking to hire qualified individuals, and teaching ESL (English as a second language) is a great way to not only put that English degree to great use, but to see the world as a bonus result of doing so! Perhaps you’re working for limo services in MA and are looking to really get out there and see the planet — no matter what you’re doing, these jobs are great ways to see the world like you never have before!

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