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Knock Their Socks Off: Six Tips for Nailing Your Job Interview

Many people are on the hunt for a job, but finding one can be difficult. While having a great resume is important, perhaps the single most important thing you will do during your search for a job is go to an interview. Interviewing is a learned skill, and while it may seem intimidating, there are a few things you can do to help improve your chances of getting the job.

Dress for Success

The phrase “dress for success” can be rather cliche, but it’s very true, particularly where a job interview is concerned. If you go to an interview looking as though you just got done at the gym, it doesn’t make a very good impression. Aim for business professional attire at every job interview to make an impression. Ladies should dress in a suit or skirt suit, and men should dress in a suit with a tie, like the corporate ties by

Study Your Resume

Make sure you know what’s on your resume when you go into the interview. Very often an interview is simply the interviewer going down your resume and inquiring about various aspects of it. Study it as though you will be tested on it, because you will be.

Learn About the Company

Walking into an interview without knowing anything about the company is a mistake that many interviewees make. You don’t have to know the last five years of the company’s history, but at least have a good handle on the information available on the company’s website.

Ask Questions

Inevitably, at the end of every job interview the interviewer will ask “Do you have any questions for us?” You should always have questions to ask. Some questions that are always good to ask are: “Is there room for growth with the company?”, “Is there an opportunity to work towards a management position?”, and similar questions. You can also always ask about the company culture.

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Speak Professionally

No matter how casual the atmosphere may seem, and sometimes it will, always speak professionally and clearly, making eye contact with the person you’re speaking to. If there is more than one person in the room, make eye contact with everyone when you reply to a question.

Body Language Speaks

While your verbal communication needs to be top notch, so does your nonverbal communication. Slouching, tugging on your clothes, biting your nails, and other behaviors can read as nervousness or boredom. Be sure to sit with straight posture and try not to show that you’re nervous.

Preparation is half the battle when it comes to interviewing. By taking these tips into consideration and acting on them, you can help improve the chances that you will move past the first interview and be hired.

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