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Land That Job! Five Things to Do Before the Interview

Job Interview

Job hunting has certainly become more difficult in recent years. Advanced degrees no longer guarantee a great job and prospective hires are putting in longer hours to prepare for interviews. Here are five tips to ensure you’re at the head of the pack.


1. Update Your Resume

Whether applying to an entry-level position or aiming to become the CEO, your resume is your first impression. Be sure your paper introduction reflects who you are now, as opposed to who you were when you first created it years ago. Don’t forget to take advantage of friends, family and resume editing services if need be.


2. Learn Who You’re Dealing With

The studying isn’t over just because you’ve earned your degree. Most recent hires will tell you they spent plenty of time studying up on the company before meeting with personnel. Read everything you can about the company, from their website to employee reviews. Know their mission statement backwards and forwards. Do they use a unique business tool or piece of technology like Viive? Knowing what it is and how to use it can do nothing but benefit your chances of getting on the payroll.


3. Practice Makes Perfect

Take that newfound knowledge and make a list of questions interviewers may ask. Find a friend who is willing to do some role play and rehearse your interview with them. Then do it again in front of the mirror, in the car and on the bus. Make sure that answers and questions are second nature to you. Not only will you sound intelligent and on the mark, being prepared will go a long way to ease some of those pre-interview jitters.


4. Dress the Part

Be sure to show up adorned in the appropriate items. Search the website, ask friends or stop by the office to ensure you are dressed for success. If you are unable to determine the specific dress code, it’s best to err on the side of over versus under dressed. A business suit tends to serve both men and women well. Also be sure the details are in place, hair combed and shoes shined.


5. Come Prepared

The last thing you want to do is have to write down information on postcards you dug from your briefcase or purse. Be sure to have clean copies of your resume and cover letter, your business card, a notepad and a working pen. Don’t forget any extras they may have requested.

Job Interview

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