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Looking Beyond Bottom Line Salary: How to Evaluate Job Opportunities

While the national unemployment rate rose slightly to 7.6% during May, this figure represents a significant improvement in comparison with last year. That said, however, there is concern that the U.S. economy is continuing to churn out low paid jobs that fail to deliver a genuine living wage in 2013.

Although some experts may link this trend to the rising number of working poor in America, it may also be indicative of a changing candidate mindset. It appears as though citizens are placing less emphasis on their bottom line salary in the current climate, and choosing instead to measure employment opportunities by alternative criteria.

Evaluating Job Opportunities : How to Measure its Suitability

With this in mind, what alternative factors should you consider when appraising a specific job role? Consider the following:

  • Job Security and Advancement Opportunities: While the average wage in the U.S. may be rising at a disproportionate rate to inflation, it is important to note that many individuals are simply happy to hold a position of paid employment. Modern candidates are increasingly motivated by jobs that offer relative security and the opportunity for advancement, as this provides a stable foundation for them to plan for their future. This is definitely something that you should consider, especially if you are considering entry level jobs or those that do not require a formal college education.
  • Benefits and Long Term Healthcare: While salary was once the single most important consideration for those evaluating an offer of employment, this no longer carries the same weight or import. Instead, you should play close attention to the full benefits package that you are offered by an employer, before appraising whether or not this provides adequate healthcare or life insurance coverage. These easy to overlook factors can contribute towards an extremely attractive package of benefits, which may save you thousands of dollars in the future.
  • Assess a Firms Bonus Structure and Flexible Working Opportunities: If you are looking to secure a full time and permanent position of employment, it is important to consider your own personal circumstances. Should you be planning to start a family in the near future, for example, it is important to ascertain whether or not your potential employer offers flexible working arrangements for parents or carers. On an additional note, the type of bonus structure employed may also have an influence on your future earning potential, so it is wise to evaluate this and estimate the total average remuneration of the role in question.

The Bottom Line for Candidates
In the quest to find a satisfying and rewarding job, it is important to consider a range of alternative factors. While bottom line salary may be important, it cannot indicate whether a position of employment delivers security, satisfaction or a level of reward that suits your ability. Your long term earning potential and the ability to embrace flexible working methods are particularly important in the modern age, especially when you consider the unstable nature of the global economy.

About the Author: This post was contributed by Lewis, who is a financial and recruitment blogger heralding from the UK. He understands the need for employees to protect themselves with adequate healthcare coverage and life insurance, especially in demanding working environments. Visit to find out more.

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