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Looking For a New Career? Five Industries That are Hot Right Now

If there is a silver lining to the current economic downturn, it’s the clear vision that the otherwise dreary picture allows those fields with exude a bright future. A recent study conducted by US News & World Report summarizes the top jobs of 2013 by listing

Looking For a New Career- Five Industries That are Hot Right Now


A field that should be of no surprise for its bright prospects for those who are either looking to begin a career or to change one is healthcare. Not only have the industry suffered from serious personnel shortages, but with the serious personnel shortages, but with the projected growth of regulations such as Obamacare, that need is expected to increase dramatically. Further, changes in the industry itself in terms of specialization of fields and other factors is also expected to cause further demands for people in the healthcare industry.


Computers & Related Technologies

The computer industry, including all of those related fields, are booming. That should come as no surprise. What might come as a surprise to many of those, even in the field, is the expansion of related fields such as those that use the Internet, as a career option. One that is showing considerable growth is working with companies to optimize their marketing capabilities on the Internet, such as with an SEO company. Not only will those with a knowledge of implementing SEO tools be in great demand, but those who know how to implement that growth will be needed as well.


Interpreters and Translators

The increasing globalization of business has had a big impact on the importance that many businesses place on fields that help them expand to other countries around the world such as translators and interpreters. Businesses that deal with those of other countries and who speak other languages understand the subtle differences in languages and the often critical impact that these differences make. As a result, translators and interpreters who have experience with making those differences known and are accommodated for are in great demand.



Engineering is a field that touches virtually every area of the world we live in. And with the increasing growth of the materials that are used in that growth it can be expected that anyone who can help businesses and government work with those changes will be in great demand.


Marketing Research

If there is one important advantage that the IT world has created, it’s the ability of users to collect data of practically infinite sorts. This leads, naturally, to a career boost for those who can organize and interpret these date for decision makers.


These are only a tip of the iceberg that is the growing market for professionals who can prove themselves as able to navigate these waters.

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