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Looking for Jobs the Old Fashioned Way

With all the advances in technology it is now commonplace for job seekers to go online in an attempt to find employment. What many are missing however, is a time tested method for getting a job that still works today.

If you are looking for a job, then consider going to the source. In other words, go to the places you are interested in working. This will require a great deal more energy on your part versus sitting at a computer and uploading your resume, but the result you get may surprise you.

This method is as easy as printing up about 20 resumes and creating a plan to visit a few places you would like to work at. Then you get into your car and off you go.

Be sure you dress to impress with this method and always put on a smile. Once you are inside, ask to speak to a manager. Once you see the manager, introduce yourself and hand them a resume as you are explaining to them that you are seeking employment.

Sometimes this can get you an interview in the near future and sometimes even right away. Therefore, you should be ready to interview should the manager feel the urge to do so with you.

Again, this method is more work as opposed to the digital way, but this approach often leaves potential employers with a great impression of you. Your go-getter attitude may be just what they want to see in a potential hire.

Gaining employment is often about making connections. That’s what’s great about this old fashioned approach. At the very least, you will be getting your name out there. So, the places you visit may not be looking to hire, but they just might know other places that are and those types of connections can end up meaning a great paying job for you.

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