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Make it Big: The Top 6 Highest Paying Jobs with a Master’s Degree

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high paying jobWhile, pursuing a Master’s Degree is a great way to advance your knowledge in a field you are passionate about, it can also be the path toward a higher salary and greater job security. The following are the highest paying jobs for individuals with a Master’s Degree.

1. Chief Executives

While there is no single path to becoming a CEO, one credential that almost always appears on the resume of a Chief Executive is a Master’s in Business Administration. The MBA teaches hard skills in accounting and marketing and well as the more nuanced skills of effective communication and leadership. Many MBA programs allow students to specialize in particular fields of interest, which is valuable if you have your eye on the coveted top spot within a particular industry.

2. Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum Engineers are scientists who apply engineering expertise to the task of finding and extracting crude oil and natural gas. This job requires advanced knowledge of practical engineering as well as broad knowledge in diverse fields of geology, geophysics, mathematical modeling, and economics. As more of the world’s easily obtainable oil is depleted, the demand for Petroleum Engineers with broad and deep knowledge and the ability to apply that knowledge creatively has grown. A Master’s Degree in Physics or Engineering is preferred for this job.

3. Engineering Manager

Engineering Managers organize and oversee the engineering operations of a company. Engineering Managers must be able to understand and worth with advanced scientific tools and methods and must able to explain technical information in a way that can be understood by other members of management. The typical combination of credentials for this position, is a NJIT masters in civil engineering degree and a Master’s in Business Administration are recommended.

4. Natural Sciences Manager

Natural Science Managers are in charge of keeping other scientists and researchers organized and on schedule. They act as a management presence on the research team and provides scientific expertise to the management team. Like several of the other jobs on this list, their value comes from the combination of scientific knowledge and management and communication skills. A Master’s Degree in one of the natural sciences is must for this job and additional training in business is highly desirable.

5. Computer and Information Systems Manager

Computer and Information Systems Managers plan and coordinate the computer systems of a company or organization. They oversee database management, computer networks, and advanced communications systems. They ensure that the strategies implemented by the IT team are in sync with the goals of the company as a whole. IT jobs require advanced technological knowledge as well as well-honed management skills. While it is possible for individuals with many years of experience in information systems and computer science to get a job as a Systems Manager without an advanced degree, most companies expect these professionals to have a Master’s Degree in a technology or business related field. The best degree for this job is MBA with a concentration in Information Technology.

6. Marketing Manager

Marketing Managers are in charge of marketing and sales strategies for products and brands. Marketing Managers oversee focus groups and advertising campaigns and make suggestions for targeting products to specific demographics. Even though a Bachelor’s Degree is generally considered the minimum level of education for a Marketing Manager, having a Master’s Degree in Business, Design, or Psychology is definitely considered a plus.

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