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Make Your First Day on the Job Count

Depositphotos_3397581_xs(1)More than 74 thousand new jobs were filled in December 2013, reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics. For each one of those people, their first day on the job has to be a good one. First impressions are hard to reverse so you need to prepare yourself to impress your boss and co-workers. These suggestions will get you ready for that first day so the team will actually look forward to you coming back on the second day!

Do a Test Run to the Office

However you plan to get to work, do a test drive of the route at the same time of day you will be going to work. Whether you drive or take the bus, know what the traffic is like and how much buffer time you need to add. You want to get to work on time on your first day and not be frazzled by traffic you weren’t expecting. A bad excuse for being late the first day is “I got stuck in traffic.”

Dress the Part

People do judge a book by its cover so your choice of attire the first day better impress. If you’re unsure of the office dress code, call HR and ask what is appropriate. Otherwise, it’s better to be overdressed than under-dressed. If it’s been a while since you’ve been on the job, your wardrobe may need updated. Invest in timeless pieces like Michael Kors shift dresses, available at Macy’s for the ladies, or a skinny tie for men channeling John F. Kennedy. Your first day on the job is not the time to impress people with your concert T-shirt collection, unless you happen to be working in a record shop.

Get to Work Early

For the first day you’ll want to get to work 30 minutes early. It may take you 15 minutes to get from the parking area to your office. You may have to get an employee badge or visit HR before you actually go to your work area. By the end of the day, you’ll have a feeling for how early you’ll need to get there to be at your work area on time.

Be the Best Listener on the First Day

Practice excellent listening skills your first day on the job, says America’s Job Exchange. People will be helping you to get settled in. The boss will be laying out your job for you. HR may tell you all about the company and benefits. But you also need to be listening to all of the other things going on around you. This will get you tapped into the company and the culture better than any orientation class.

Because you will hear a thousand different things that first day, U.S. News advises, take lots of notes. People’s names and titles, directions, instructions and miscellaneous bits and pieces about the company will be thrown your way. Write them down and digest them later. It will be helpful the second day at work when you can’t remember the name of the person sitting next to you.

Read Up on the Company

You’ll be more prepared if you know all about the company on your first day. Dig through press releases, financial reports and news items to find out what the company is about. You may have done some of this before your interview. But if you seem aware of some of the company’s background your first day, you will appear more prepared to your boss and co-workers.

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