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Marketing Manager: 5 Simple Steps to Get Your Business’s Name Out There

MarketingGetting your business name out there in the local community should be the target objective of your marketing plan. If your plan doesn’t get the business as a household name, then it’s not a very good plan. Use the following steps to get your business from zero to local hero in no time.

Use the Power of Social Media

Facebook is a powerful tool for small businesses. While there are plenty of other networks that you should be on, start your social media efforts on Facebook. It has a huge audience that loves to engage and share information. Create a Facebook page for your business, upload your logo and add a cover photo. Fill in the information about your business and you’re ready to go. Continue posting special deals, updates, and offers for customers who have liked you Facebook page.

Attend Local Networking Events

Get new business cards printed up that also include your Facebook page. Attend local networking events in your community and pass these out to the people you meet. Make sure to include a verbal call-to-action like, “Feel free to go Like us on Facebook. The address is on the card.” Watch your Facebook grow in likes.

Sponsor a Local Event

Find a local event or sports team and sponsor it. During the event, create promotional items that direct the people to your Facebook. You can use the web address, or even create QR codes to print on the merchandise that link them right to your Facebook page.

Capture Everything With Photo or Video

During these local events, make sure to take lots of pictures and video. Ask for pictures with other business people, conduct interviews, and grab some video testimonials. All these things will be used as great promotional tools. If you’re a dental office, consider using these images and videos on your website and on dental postcards from This is a great beginning step to marketing your small business.

Share It All and Get People Involved

As you’re holding these events, taking pictures of everything and capturing some video, upload it all to Facebook and your websites. Tag the business people in the pictures to get them involved and sharing about your page on their personal profile. Send out updates about your next event, and thank everyone that attended. As you get people involved with your business online and offline, the name of your business will become commonplace in conversation around the community.

Are you willing to do the work involved in making the company successful? It doesn’t matter if you’re a dentists office or a local mechanic, you can use these step. If you don’t feel like you can do all this yourself, there are plenty of places willing to offer assistance to make sure your business name gets out there.

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