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Odd Jobs: Ideas for Getting Through College

Many college students struggle with earning money and paying for school. It is difficult to hold an hourly job, especially if it doesn’t work with your class schedule. Instead of adding this stress to your already hectic life, you can earn money by taking on odd jobs, and earn cash that works with your schedule. Check out these ideas for inspiration.

Odd Jobs Ideas for Getting Through College

Transcribe Documents

One of the easiest ways to earn extra cash from the comfort of your home or dorm, is to transcribe your peer’s notes, papers, or other written documents into a typed format. This is a popular service that many students are willing to invest in. You can set an hourly rate for your services, or a set price per word.


Be a Driver

Chances are that many of your peers need a designated driver to take them to and from parties, clubs, and other social events. If you have a car, this is an excellent way to earn extra money. Set a competitive price, but keep it lower than local taxi services. Advertise your service on bulletin boards on your campus.


Sell Snacks

Many campuses provide snacks and drinks at high prices. You can provide a better price for your peers and in turn, earn more customers by buying popular snack foods in bulk, and reselling them. You can run this business from your dorm or home, or set up a table on your campus, if your school allows this. If it isn’t allowed, consider selling snacks near the campus.


Participate in Surveys and Studies

Many organizations post paid surveys and research studies on college campuses. These options range in pay, but some can compensate you very well for your time. You will need to qualify first before you can participate. Keep an eye out for surveys and research studies by checking your local newspaper, or classified advertisements regularly.

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Become a Tutor

Many college students struggle with their studies. If you are an excellent student, and enjoy helping other people, you may be right for a tutoring position. Become a math tutor in Fremonth, and help other students with their education. As a tutor, you will help develop an education plan, also known as a plan of action, to provide a structured approach to learning.


You can earn extra money during college without holding a traditional job. With a few creative ideas, you will be well on your way to coming up with extra spending money in your free time.

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