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3 Ways to Deal with Difficult Coworkers


coworker There is one in every office. One individual always sticks out from the others as being difficult to work with, difficult to get along with or just simply unpleasant to be around. That person can ruin the workday for others and his or her bad attitude can rub off on those around. However, if you know how to deal with difficult coworkers, you will stand out for your strong people skills.

•    Be upbeat, smile and say hi to your difficult coworker. Expect the other person to react the same way. If they do not, keep on smiling.
•    Limit interactions with the person. Keep it professional and friendly when you must work together, but keep it short also. The fewer interactions you have, the less chance he or she will ruin your workday.
•    Don’t talk to others at work about the situation, as it will make you appear petty.
•    Remain professional, remember that you do not need to like everyone you work with and they don’t need to like you. You just need to be mature enough to work together when necessary regardless.
•    If the difficult coworker is someone you work with regularly or closely, you may want to have a private conversation with him or her about the situation. This is especially important if you previously had a good relationship and now do not. There may be an underlying problem that you are not aware of.

Whether dealing with a coworker who is difficult with everyone or just difficult with you, it takes finesse and professionalism. Handling such a person in the right way gives you a chance to shine.

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