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5 Office Accessories That Will Make You Forget You Are At Work

The office grind certainly takes its toll, and those without windows and multiple cubicle walls have to take solace in the little victories to survive the day. Okay, well maybe that was a little bit melodramatic, but having the right level of comfort and maybe an acceptable distraction or two on your desk can go a long way in making your day better. Without further adieu, here are a few ideas to help you forget that you’re at work:

Splurge On a Comfy Chair

If you’re going to be sitting for most of your day filling out invoices or sending thank you letters to clients, chances are you want to be comfortable. Go to a website like the Sit4Life and splurge for the sake of your comfort (and possibly your sanity). Not only will it keep you happier, but things like proper lumbar support and minimizing stress will pay dividends towards your health in the long run.


While a monthly calendar is nice (particularly of the kitten or puppy variety); getting a calendar that has a tear sheet a day provides a new surprise at a great rater. Heck on Mondays you’re going to get a three days and thus three surprises to make that start of the week a little easier. Consider something stimulating or perhaps, to lighten your mood, funny.

Buddha Board!

This is a simple and effective tool to jog your brain and splice in a little creativity when you need that crucial mental getaway. This simple and price-friendly item simply requires a little H2O, and you can paint soon-to-be erased water art to your heart’s content. Really, this purchase is absolutely essential for anyone who has ever found themselves in any situation, doodling.

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Simple but effective – if you’re allowed to listen to music at work, do so. Not only will it help raise efficiency through focus, but it gives you tunes and your version of bliss all day long. Whether its classical or hardcore speed metal, let the music flow into your ears!


While it may differ from workplace to workplace, a little extra life in your workspace can do wonders. Not only does it bring a little beauty into the mix, but it can bring scent and a certain sense of flavor to the sterility of the cubicle. Just remember to get it some sunlight and water!

With these five ideas, your 9-5 can start feeling a little less oppressive and possibly a little more fun. Remember – stay positive!

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