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Big Mistakes When Starting a New Job

Starting a new job is a wonderful opportunity for you to display your talents and begin your climb up the ladder of success. However, there are some things that you should avoid like the plague when you start your new job and many of the points are obvious, but often overlooked.

Here are some big mistakes that you should avoid when you are starting a new job:

  • Tardiness: Don’t be late, especially when you first start a job. You have but one opportunity to make a first impression on your new employer and starting off your working relationship by being late is not the impression you want to give.
  • Sloppiness: Take pride in how you dress for work. You should find out beforehand if there is a dress code so you don’t inadvertently wear something that is inappropriate, but you should also be sure that your clothes are not wrinkled, tattered, or stained. You also need to be sure that your hair is done nice and neat and that your overall appearance is acceptable. As the old saying goes, “Dress to impress.”
  • Abuse of Breaks: If you get 45 minutes for lunch then only take 45 minutes. Just as your time is important to you, so too is the time your employer pays you for.
  • Know it All Attitudes: Nobody likes a know it all. While you may be good at what you do remember that you will be starting with a new company and they may prefer to do things a little differently. Stop, listen, and learn and then apply what you already know.

Really it all comes down to respect for yourself and those you will be working with. If you lack it then you are likely to run into problems with your new job, but if you go with the flow and do your best to respect everyone you will work with and the company you are going to work for then you have a great chance of getting ahead.

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