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Easy Ways To Make Sure You’re Protecting Your Rights At Work

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work The rights of the worker are one of the things that ensure that we have a playing field that avoids employers from taking advantage of the power they have. Not all employers are going to do this. Even those who do infringe on those rights don’t do it intentionally or with ill-will. All the same, you can’t afford to have your rights tread upon. You need to look out for them to guarantee fair treatment and be ready to stand up for them. The law is on your side, so make sure you know when you should be concerned about your rights as an employee.

Your safety

Every employee has a right to safety provisions in the workplace. Every employer has a responsibility to ensure those provisions are in place. This goes from whether you work in a construction yard to working in an office. There are hazards that can appear in every work environment and ways your employer should be helping you avoid them. Whether it’s by training, organizing the work place or having safety plans in place. If they don’t seem to have enough safety measures in place, talk to them and voice your concerns. If it’s too late for that, your best bet to ensure you’re not endangered by their negligence is through a personal injury lawyer.

Your pay

You are also entitled to fair pay for the work that you do. No employer can neglect to pay their employees, nor to pay them under the minimum wage or to ignore overtime. A majority of the cases related to this right have to do with employers being late in paying employees. As with most of your rights, it’s always a good idea to talk with them directly about the issue. The law also protects you from being fired for simply inquiring about your right to pay, for example.

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What’s also important is that you protect your right to work no matter what personal traits you have. Age, gender, race, disability. Employers cannot discriminate against you for any of these reasons. The interview process is subject to many blunders. If you believe, however, that discrimination plays a part in what stops you from being successful, you may be able to pursue it with legal action. Of course, discrimination goes beyond whether someone just gets hired or fired. It can a longer process. One we’ll talk about next.


Discrimination can also be part of a long period of harassment. Harassment comes in many forms that you might not readily recognize. But it’s an action in the workplace that infringes on someone’s dignity and right to work in a good environment. Learn to identify the different forms of harassment. Be prepared to stand against whether you are the victim or someone else. Again, beginning with internal measures is always a good idea. However, you should make a record of any internal inquiries or actions taken as well. If satisfactory action isn’t taken to end harassment, that record can prove it.

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